Analytical & Creative Responses for The Quiet American by Graham Greene

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Analytical & Creative Responses for The Quiet American by Graham Greene

You need to show how wide-ranging your thinking and hence your writing can be.  In terms of your specific response for The Quiet American, have a look at some of these ideas for essays:

Expository Essay

  • Put a creative twist on it, remember expository means ‘exploring complex ideas’ this doesn’t mean it has to be an essay
  • What about an article about the war written by Fowler?
  • A telegram?
  • Using an outside quote or scenario to set the scene or introduce an idea to your audience in an interesting way
  • A speech by one of the characters?
  • A beyond the grave reflection from Pyle about his life choices?
  • If you do an expository essay you need to show real depth of thought and strong outside links in order to stand out and show new insights
  • Think about what purpose / moral / lesson you are trying to get across to your audience in the essay

Creative / Imaginative Essay

  • Ground it in the text, write from a minor character’s point of view
  • Re-write a key scene from an alternate perspective to shed new light on the conflict at hand
  • Write one of Fowler’s news articles or telegrams
  • Write about something we hear about in the text but they don’t really explore it close up
  • Start with a purpose, who are you targeting in this narrative?
  • Why? What moral / lesson is there that they need to learn?
  • Use significant, powerful, vivid quotes from the text as a framework for your creative piece
  • Draw on Greene’s writing style, especially if what you are writing needs to be true to the text
  • Embed ideas about the prompt in a subtle manner
  • Draw on themes, key ideas, symbols, imagery to connect your  creative piece to The Quiet American

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