Essay Planning Format

Essay Planning Format

Will enable you to answer topic questions from any subject that requires an essay for assessment

  1. Write out the topic question and underline words that need defining
  2. Look up the words that need defining so you are perfectly clear what the topic question is asking you
  3. Write alternative words you can use in your essay instead of repeating the same words used in the prompt
  4. Brainstorm your ideas how to answer the topic question
  5. Plan the essay format in a formal structure:
  • An Introduction which is made up of the first paragraph of the essay. Include a  general sentence introducing the topic with the form, genre, author’s name and title. Briefly outline your viewpoint/perspective/main contention in topic sentences without all the supporting detail that will follow in the body paragraphs.  Indicate how the topic will be handled and the order in which material will be discussed.

Ask yourself the question “If you only read the introduction, would it stand alone explaining your main contention without any other supporting data?”

  • 4-5 Body Paragraghs each one with a topic sentence for each key point explaining the main contention.  Each explanation must include evidence examples from the text (can use quotes from text).   The evidence will assist in elaboration of your ideas and link to the central contention.  Each paragraph will follow on with linking words and phrases to the next paragraph.

Use the TEEL structure for all paragraphs:

  1. T = topic sentence: The opening sentence of each paragraph sums up the main focus of the paragraph
  2. E = evidence: Specific examples and quotations from the text to support your main argument
  3. E = explanation: Fleshes out the ideas from your main argument and explains how your evidence supports your argument
  4. L = links: Creates links to the topic sentence and back to the topic question itself.  Also links your paragraph with good sentence starters on to the next paragraph so your essay flows in a logical manner.
  • A Conclusion is the last paragraph in the essay which summarises the links between the topic, your contention and your main points.  The summary must restate your viewpoint/perspective clearly without any new points being introduced.

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