Text Response Example of Cosi by Louis Nowra



Text Response Example of Cosi by Louis Nowra

Topic Question:“It is Lewis’ transformation that is the focus of the drama”.  Discuss.

Practice Essay Introduction:

The Lewis that audiences encounter at the end of Louis Nowra’s play Cosi is very different from the Lewis in Act One.  Within the context of Australian society undergoing radical social and political changes in the 1970’s, Nowra also charts the radical changes in his protagonist, Lewis.  Faced with the daunting job of directing mental patients in an opera, Lewis undergoes transformative personal repercussions. His world views are challenged and enriched by the experience, and he grows in emotional and intellectual ways.  His girlfriend’s outburst at him that “Working with these people has changed you!” is quite valid.

Analysis of the Content Features of this Introduction:

  1. The position on the topic is clear
  2. The introduction establishes a formal tone through word choice and complex sentences
  3. The playwright and play are clearly identified with the title correctly punctuated
  4. A brief overview of the play’s historical context is given
  5. There is clear reiteration of the position on the topic
  6. Brief outline of context in which the character ‘transforms’
  7. Outline of the transformations that will be discussed further in the essay
  8. Use of a quote from the play to support the viewpoint of the author

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