Suggested Year 11/12 Oral Presentation Topics for 2017

Persuasive Speech Topics 2

Are you having trouble choosing a topic to present for your Oral Presentation in English for Years 11/12?

These are Suggested Topics Only – there may be more issues to consider closer to the date of the SAC:

  1. Is the ‘no jab no pay’ rule regarding child inoculation a fair rule set by the Federal Government?
  2. Should we ban greyhound racing in all States of Australia?
  3. The humanitarian crisis in Syria, should Australia take more refugees?
  4.  Why are children still abused and neglected in care in Australia today?
  5.  Do we need off-shore detention centres for refugees or is there an alternative?
  6.  Why is gender inequality still an issue in the world today?
  7.  What are the implications for Australia in electing Trump as President of the US?
  8.  How should we stop vicious thugs like The Apex Gang from terrorizing Victorians?
  9.  Is climate change a hoax or real?
  10.  Why are Indigenous Australians classified like people from a third-world country?
  11.  Should trophy hunting of animals in Africa be banned?
  12.  Is Australia’s border security policy justified?
  13. Is youth detention a growing problem in Australia and what are the solutions?
  14. What is the best solution to make our beaches safer from shark attacks?
  15.  Why is family violence still on the rise in Australia?
  16.  What are the causes and effects of racism in Australia?
  17.  Should we recognize gay marriage in Australia?
  18.  Should Australia have more renewable energy resources for the future?
  19.  What are we doing to reduce youth intoxication of alcohol in Australia?
  20.  Should sports betting advertising be allowed on Australian TV and sports arenas?

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