Language Analysis Years 11/12 Brief Summary

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For students studying VCE Years 11/12 English here is a very Brief Summary of what to look for in Language Analysis:

  1. What’s the issue? = Briefly state the big issue behind the articles (1-2 sentences maximum) and why the issue has provoked a various range of opinions.
  2. Who is the author? = Knowing the author you can work out their stakeholders/audience they are appealing to and their style of language used
  3. What is the main contention of each article/cartoon/photo? = annotate each article and cartoon/photo so you are clear on your techniques & examples
  4. What are the argument strategies used?
    1. Is it a positive or negative approach to the subject
    2. Logically based on reason or highly emotive based on appeals
    3. Techniques = are they clearly set out = use examples of them in your analysis
    4. Typical examples = rhetorical questions/facts/stats/credible witnesses/appeals/repetition/inclusive language/emotive language
  5. Tone = must include tone in your Introduction
    1. Is the tone positive or negative in its approach
    2. Does the tone start off optimistic and then change = why = you must recognise the change = how does the tone affect the audience = how is the audience positioned to agree with the writer
  6. Preparing to Write the Essay & Comparing the Texts/Visuals
    1. Look at each article and how do they agree or disagree with each other
    2. If there is a photo or cartoon is it a separate document to the other 2 articles = it could be a stand alone with its own viewpoint = if it has its own view then you MUST include the photo or cartoon in a paragraph on its own explaining the visual techniques that position the reader to agree with them = some cartoons satirise one article and promote the other = in this case you must compare/contrast the cartoon along with the articles
  7. Writing the Essay
    1. Briefly in no more than 1-2 sentences state the main issue under debate
    2. Introduction = one brief paragraph introducing the main contentions of each article/cartoon/photo = must include their tones
    3. The Block Approach = each article handled separately = compared later (or use the Integrated Approach = use the approach your school prefers)
      1. Article1 = one brief paragraph outlining the main contention = separate paragraphs ( approx. 2) thereafter with the arguments/techniques/how audience is positioned
      2. Article 2 = one brief paragraph outlining the main contention explaining how this article agrees or disagrees with article 1 = separate paragraphs (approx.2) thereafter with the arguments/techniques/how audience is positioned
      3. Article 3/Photo/Cartoon = one paragraph outlining the main contention explaining how this visual agrees or disagrees with articles 1 & 2 = or it could have a stand-alone viewpoint of its own = point out the visual techniques/how audience is positioned
      4. Conclusion = one brief paragraph outlining the articles & visual contentions and how they agree or disagree with the main issue under discussion



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